Fishing Friends Inc.

Teaching youth about fishing

Our mission is to teach youth about fishing so they can develop relationships, build character, and connect with nature, all while learning a new skill.

In 2022 we introduced over 50 youth to fishing and gave them the opportunity to go fishing on their own. In 2023 we plan to introduce over 100 youth to fishing.

Catching Fish

Catching fish is a process that takes patience, focus, and skill. It can frustrate many beginner fisherman but with the right guidance it can become a great hobby.

Aquatic Biology

It is important for us to understand our freshwater environment so that we know how to respect it and keep it healthy. Fishing is the perfect opportunity for youth to learn more about aquatic biology and what goes on beneath the surface.


Canoeing is a great source of exercise and the perfect opportunity to experience many natural wonders. It is truly a peaceful and tranquil environment.

Building a Bond

Fishing is one of the oldest father and son activities. Many youth have been raised without their father's presence and so are less likely to get this opportunity. Parents who get to volunteer will be able to witness the joy of their children catching fish and experiencing the beauty of nature while bonding with their child.