In Loving Memory of Frank Crivelli

Everyone who knew Frank knew he was an avid fisherman. It was easily his favorite activity and in his eyes the best way to make a personal connection with someone. As his son, fishing has become the best way for me to connect with him since he passed in 2014. I hope that our mission will pass on as his legacy in the community.

My goal is to teach youth about fishing. I realized this was what I wanted to do when I took Mich and his 2 year old son fishing. Teaching them to fish was great. Most of all seeing the smiles on their faces when his son caught his first fish and knowing that I helped make that happen meant everything to me.

Mich with his son's first fish Summer 2021

We took plenty of youth fishing the Summer of 2021 and gave many of them the opportunity to go fishing on their own. We hope to continue this activity in 2022. We want to create a community of fishing friends who can enjoy one another's company while fishing.

Noelle with her first fish Summer 2021