Our Stories

Fishing Friend's Stories

Noelle's Story

Noelle is 8 years old and has lots of energy and curiosity that she was able to invest in her new hobby. Although she initially had trouble getting the hang of the technique, when she focused and practiced patience she became very successful. She hopes that many other children will get a similar opportunity.

Mich's Story

Mich is 32 with a 3 year old son. His son is very energetic and is a natural born fisherman. Surprisingly, he has caught fish on days when I have left empty handed. This father/son duo has significantly developed their skills and grown their relationship through fishing.

Ben's Story

Ben understands the challenges of fishing. He also understands the joy of overcoming those challenges. Fishing is an experience, catching fish is a process. When Ben began relaxing, enjoying the experience as a whole and appreciating the time he was spending outside in nature, he became very successful and started teaching his younger sister how to fish. 

Jayden and AJ's Story

Jayden and AJ are brothers that have spent a generous amount of time with me developing their fishing skills. They particularly enjoyed the view of the Lake in the evening. While the COVID-19 pandemic limited their options, fishing broadened their horizons.